SOPHARMA AD (55/2017) Sopharma" AD acquired 75% from the capital of "Aromania"

Podstawa prawna: art. 17. 1 MAR.
We would like to notify that "Sopharma" AD acquired 75% from the capital of the successful start-up for development and registration of food additives "Aromania" (www.arolife.bg).
For the nearly two years since its establishment "Aromania" has more than 20 registered products and for 12 of them the company either has or has flied a different form of patent protection - trade mark, industrial design or useful model. Two of the products are leaders in their categories. For 2016 the revenues from sales of the company are 1,279 thousand BGN.
Sopharma will use this platform for a wider presence on the food additives market and to proudly enter the society of the "Bulgarian business angels".

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